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October 04, 2005

Viet Blog

There has been a shift in popular opinion about the war that has changed along with the president approval ratings. It is to be expect that both these areas has changed because rarely does a country enjoy war or the president that but them there, yet the commentary of both is what is bothersome. There are those people who are not being truly honest with themselves and others those that say they were against the war from the beginning. If these people would just admit that they were carried away in the frenzy-as was I-with winning a war in Afghanistan and not jump on the anti-war all the time band wagon I would not have a tough time.

In political opinion you are either for or against the war. You have either been for or against the war from the beginning. Furthermore you must either agree that this war is either like Vietnam or not like Vietnam. Well of course this war is similar to Vietnam, as it is similar to many modern wars we have fought.

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