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February 08, 2005

Oops ...

Yes, she did it again; too bad Britney Spears didn't remember she'd done it before.

The fast-fading pop princess is suing insurance companies left and right because of her own stupid mistake. Seems Spears failed to check "YES" in that little box where you're asked about existing injuries, because she'd overlooked knee surgery from five years ago.(“Um, like, I forgot.”) Um, like, sure. She forgot about the surgery because her knee had healed. How do you forget about knee surgery?

She is now demanding the outrageous sum of $9,801,118. And six cents.

So the raw end of the deal is that Hollywood types like Britney extort money from the insurance companies, which duly pay up, then pass the costs on to us all. Meanwhile, those same Hollywood types lovingly insist that the rest of us folks — our premiums now in the stratosphere thanks to Britneyesque big-money frivolity — should be receiving federally mandated, universal health care coverage.

Gee. Thanks for the eagerness to "help."

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