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February 16, 2005

John Kerry Is A Nut

For some odd reason I was transported into a parallel internet universe and I ended up at John Kerry's site.  Under the link "women" in the Plan For America heading there is a small tidbit about protecting women's heath care and their right to choose.  Nothing new for JohnKerry we know where he stands.  What I found odd is the wording of the short paragraph.  "John Kerry will only nominate individuals to the federal bench whose records demonstrate a respect for the full range of constitutional rights, including the right to privacy and the right to choose."  Does it not sound as if there is a right to choose and a right to privacy directly stated in the constitution? 

I, like most,  value my right to privacy.  Yet, I am well aware that the constitution does not explicitly  guarantee me this right.  1965 -- Griswold v.Connecticut established a precedent for the right to privacy (not Roe vs. Wade).

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