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February 13, 2005

Adding Fuel to the Firefox Revolution

All right, I've taken the plunge: Today I downloaded the Firefox web browser, that free Internet Explorer (IE) substitute whose advocates grow more vocal and passionate with each passing day. Now, it's worth nothing that this is a fight in which I have no dog. I'm perfectly satisfied with IE, which immediately separates me from the growing horde of Firefox converts who seem driven more by Microsoft hatred than by anything else.

And a growing horde it is. Based on the anecdotal evidence I can offer from analysis of Right And Wrong statistics, use of the new browser has skyrocketed since its November debut. As of today, 26 percent of this site's visitors are surfing with Firefox, and the proportion is increasing daily. If that figure is even vaguely representative of what's happening elsewhere on the Web, it marks pretty astonishing penentration for a product that's barely 90 days old.

So far, for me, Firefox seems to be living up to its cool cachet, though I haven't spent the sort of leisure time — or, more important, the frantic work-crunch time —to know if it merits a permanent place in my cyber life. Among the touted Firefox benefits: stability, speed and nifty little functions like built-in popup and spyware blockers. I'll have to mess around a little more to see if it really fits the bill.

Meanwhile, I have spotted one con among the pro's: This very page looks a little odd compared to the view I'm accustomed to seeing in IE. The revolving quote box, for instance, juts out above the border of the banner up top. (An aside: Those quotes are clickable, if you've never noticed, and are worth clicking.) And Firefox apparently doesn't support embedded fonts, which means the site's intended typefaces — Georgia, Perpetua and Charter ITC — are being rendered as plain old Times New Roman. I see, too, that the drop caps leading each post (like the "A" that starts this one) aren't lining up quite right.

I'll keep toying around with the thing, because if a solid quarter of Right And Wrong visitors are viewing the site with Firefox, I obviously need to try tweaking the coding for compatibility. In the meantime, if you Firefox fans notice any other oddities in this site's appearance, give me a heads-up so I can figure out if I'll be be able to figure out a way to figure them out. Many thanks ....

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