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January 28, 2005

This Is What A Loser Looks Like

Apologies for the uncharacteristically harsh post title, but it's hard to hold back contempt for Jeffrey Lee Parson, the jerk who created and unleashed a nasty variant of the Blaster computer worm that hobbled the Internet back in 2003.

The 19-year-old Minnesotan, who faced his sentencing today in federal court, could have been saddled with 10 years behind bars. But thanks to a judge who "took pity" (actually, let's just call him a pitiful judge), the loser loner will spend only 18 months at his low-security prison digs.

The Internet is special and important because it's a wide-open realm, an unregulated world where chaos is transformed into order by millions of Invisible Hands. It's a place liberated from the central planner, immune to the custodial impulses that have always, inevitably crept in to choreograph human affairs. In that sense, the Internet is perhaps the grandest of history's social and anthropological experiments, providing the most compelling evidence in support of freedom and free markets.

The Jeffrey Lee Parsons do serve a role in this grand experiment: They're the big, fat reminders that humans aren't any good at the utopia thing. Even in the best of circumstances, there's always someone lurking about to screw things up.

Right And Wrong isn't a big fan of copyright infringement, so you'll have to point your mouse here for a glimpse at this latest big-fat-reminder of human fallibility.

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