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January 25, 2005

Football Freedom Fighters or: How They Stopped Worrying And Learned to Fight Freedom

In an ideal world, the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between Boston and Philadelphia would offer a dandy opportunity for those headline writers with historical bents: "the Liberty Bowl," "the Four-Quarters-and-60-Minutemen," "War of the Colonies," that sort of stuff.

Alas, for all their vital contributions two centuries ago, neither metropolis has much claim anymore on the American Revolution, considering everything they've done to trash the very ideology for which city fathers once gave their lives. Dominated by labor unions, welfare networks and excessive taxation, modern-day Boston and Philly are now most aptly described as homes to the Desecration of Independence.

Last year's Super Bowl was not only one of the most memorable nail-biters in NFL history, it offered a more interesting historical head-to-head: a battle between Boston and Charlotte. Both cities played key roles in American independence, but only one continues to revere individual liberty and rights. The "Patriots" won the football game for New England, but it's in Carolina where the genuine freedom-lovers still thrive.

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